Dade City is located in the rolling hills of eastern Pasco county, in the sunny State of Florida.  Dade City has an elevation of 118’ (average elevation is 6’ in most of Florida).  It’s not the highest, but not the lowest either.  For those who fear the worst during the Atlantic hurricane season (June through November).  Storm surge can affect low lying areas near bodies of water, especially closer to coastline areas.  Dade City is further inland, making flooding a rare occurrence.   

There are many benefits to living in the country.  For healthy options, living in the country means cleaner air. Air quality in the country is much higher because of less pollution and acres and acres of greenery. 

Country lifestyle is also less stressful.  Stress is a serious health risk that we all seem to put out of our minds.  Living in a stress-free environment means than you can slow down and process your thoughts, and render your anxieties obsolete!  The peace and tranquility of country living are truly remarkable.  As you enter the area, you can feel the energy shift.  People here are very friendly and you will see that everywhere.

Living closer with nature will boost your spirit as well as your immune system!  Outdoor activities like trail riding, fishing, camping, boating, are all therapeutic for both physical and mental health.  Imagine your place in nature!   

Benefits of Moving to Dade City

Affordable Lifestyle

Relocating to the country has its obvious benefits.  Less populated areas also tend to have a lower cost of living.  Property taxes are usually lower in rural areas.  If you are currently living in California, the lifestyle you can have here in Dade City, Florida is only a dream on the other coast.  And we have hills too!

Since land costs less here than in California, imagine the home you can custom build on a large plat of land.  Vacant land is available all over, here in central Florida.  Dade City is known for its rolling hills and country setting.  You can be sitting on Clearwater Beach, or at Walt Disney World in a little over an hour drive.  Orlando is about an hour drive, and Tampa is less than an hour drive away.  Having access to so many activities and opportunities is Florida living in general, but going home to your place in the country is an added bonus!

Healthy Lifestyle

The air quality isn’t the only health benefit of living in the country.  There is also less crime in smaller cities and towns.  This is not to say crime can’t happen in these areas, but your chances of not being a victim get much better as you move closer into the country.    

As we watch in horror, what has been taking place in our larger cities, one can only wonder if that could be our city next.  The world is changing, and so are policies that can and will affect the quality of life.  Living so close to these targeted areas raises the concern for one’s personal safety.  People in the country don’t go looking for trouble.  However, bringing trouble into these rural communities isn’t the brightest idea either.  Florida is fond of its citizen’s right to bear arms, and the citizens here are very fond of their arms and their freedoms.  Laws differ from state to state, so this is also something to consider.   

Obviously, living in the country doesn’t cure mood disorders or mental illnesses, but the effects it has on mental health in general is noteworthy.  Safety concerns are rising as lawlessness is being normalized by the mainstream.  The country lifestyle is certainly more relaxed than living in the larger cities.  

In Conclusion

Everything in life has both positive and negative points.  Moving to the country could pose a few issues, like having to drive a bit longer to get into major urban areas.  However, that could also be a benefit.  Your home should be a safe place for you and your family.  Relocating is a daunting task, but it doesn’t have to be.  If relocation is on your mind, give us a callTalk to me or one of my associates, and let’s find your place here in this area.  Think of us as your contact in the area.  We will definitely treat you as a close friend.